Mondays Are Funny – Stand Up Comedy Open Mic

Mondays are sad. And thus by default, in retrospect, funny.
If you’ve ever watched a stand up comedy clip, and loved the art (art. hahahaha), and thought to yourself, “huh! I can do that too.”, and have a 3-5 mins of set in mind, come and test it out at an with audience this Monday! The whole point of open mics is testing out new material, and if you’ve never done this before, all the more reason to join in!
If you want to blow some steam off this Monday from an average day at work/college, come listen to wanna be comedians tell you jokes for free. If everybody sucks, you can at least get some beer and chill out, I guess.
Time : Every Monday, 6:30PM Onwards

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3 Replies to “Mondays Are Funny – Stand Up Comedy Open Mic”

    1. Hi Saras,
      We love to have you join us this evening (or another Monday) at BAC Cafe on Pulchowk. We start at 6:30 but if you want to preform come a bit earlier so we can give you a time slot.
      Hope to see you at BAC!

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